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Unfortunately, we can't answer this question for you, even if we'd like to know the answer ourselves. This is the page, where we will, to the best of our knowledge, answer your questions about the MOOD-PILOTS. So don't be shy! Send us your questions here.


Don't call it "energy drink"! The term is so worn-out and misused, that the Mood-Pilots really can’t be associated with it. Compare the ingredients and doses of the conventional energy drinks sold in the supermarket, gas station, or at the disco with those of the JET-PILOT. Your discovery will explain it all.

The JET-PILOT is worth the price!

In order to obtain the intended effect, a multilevel chain of ingredients was developed, highly dosed and produced only from the highest quality of ingredients. For example, we don’t use the conventional Rhodiola, but the best Rhodiola-Rosea from Siberia, which is proved to be more effective than other roots from Scandinavia or Eastern Europe, thus more expensive to purchase.