The CHILL-PILOT will completely chill you out. Also served in a 25ml dosage, we recommend that you do not drive a motor vehicle or operate machinery after consumption.


Are you stressed to the max and can't calm down?

Are you nervous and lacking courage and confidence?

Are you anxious and fear your troubles?

Is your imagination running wild and not letting you fall asleep?

Or are you just wound-up?



How does the CHILL-PILOT work?

The CHILL-PILOT'S recipe has been made to calm nerves, settle states of anxiety, and lead to inner balance, peace, and serenity. By reaching complete relaxation, the CHILL-PILOT will guide you to sleep.

1. Valerian: Valerian's power has the capacity to affect inner restlessness, anxiety, and nervousness and generate a state of balance. Traditionally, Valerian leads to a therapeutic sleep (500 mg per shot).

2. L-Tryptophan: A natural amino acid, that is converted into neurotransmitters, which facilitate sleep, rest and positive feelings (400 mg per shot).

3. Vitamin B12: For maintaining a clear head and stabilizing the nervous system (5 mcg per shot).

4. Magnesium and calcium: THE fundamental minerals in your body, that strengthen the immune system, care for overall well-being, and regulate the metabolism. (350 mg of both per shot). 


And because a wonderful flavor should accompany you into relaxation, the CHILL-PILOT tastes like coconunt.


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