The JET-PILOT, in a 25ml ampule, contains several ingredients that will immediately pick you up from feeling low and sustain a good mood. 


When you want to go out at night, but are dragging once again,

When you need to concentrate at work or for a test, but can't,

When you want to work out, but are lacking motivation,

When you want to talk people, but are weak in the knees with exhaustion,

When you have a terrible hangover, because one of your drinks from the night before was lousy,

When you host a party and want to set the mood for your guests after serving just the first drink, but without them losing control...


How does the JET-PILOT work?

After drinking one shot, the effect of the JET-PILOT can be compared to a mulit-stage rocket ignition:

1. Caffeine: Good old caffeine has been called into action (100 mg per Shot).

2. Taurine: Almost simultaneously, the taurine begins to take effect, which differing from other opinions, does not keep awake, but activates the nervous system and stabilizes the cell membranes in the heart and brain. (1.000 mg per shot).

3. Ginseng: The ginseng drops in... helping your concentration and inner balance. (1.000 mg per shot).

4. Guarana: A traditional resource from Brazil, Guarana, carries you on, where the caffeine stops. It provides a clear and alert state for hours (2.000 mg per Shot).

5. Rhodiola: For a long time, Rhodiola has been traditionally used in Eastern Europe and northern Asia to improve mood and alleviate depression. It simply makes you merry... and if it can work in Sibiria, then it has got to work in Germany! (600 mg per shot).

6. Niacin: The manager of energy, expands the blood vessels and animates (300 mg per shot).

7. Pantothenic acid: Also known as vitamin B5, an essential building block for the production of energy (100 mg per shot).

8. Vitamin B12: Improves concentration and sabilizes the nervous system (5 mcg per shot).


9. Magnesium and calcium: THE fundamental minerals in your body, that strengthen the immune system, care for overall well-being, and regulate the metabolism. (350 mg of both per shot).

10. Dextrose: The healthy glucose sugar, that has been a source of energy since the beginning of time, sweetens up the JET-PILOT and delivers even more energy.

And because a fresh taste makes you feel even fitter, the JET-PILOT tastes like MINT!


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