How it starts - the story

About 20 years ago, the navigator of this airplane came to the conclusion, that after a long night of drinking and partying, an aspirin does indeed alleviate the hangover headache, but does not cater to the urgent need for an overall feeling of freshness; for a clear head and a fresh taste in the mouth. All of the so called soft drinks from the supermarket didn't fulfill what they promised. There had to be something that animates, picks up the mood, and tastes fresh!


The idea for the "Hangover-Soda" was born... yet remained just an idea for the next 20 years.

Not until after our own offspring started dealing with the same problems, and as they got older their state of mind worsened after pulling an all-nighter, did we act upon the idea, turning it into something new and multifunctional.

The result presented here is now available for purchase.